Welcome to the Folding@home Client Page

This site contains information about the new Folding@home client.

Here you can download software releases and read documentation. Everyone has read-only access, except for a few testers that can edit the wiki, report bugs, and request new features.

The main goals of the new Folding@home client are:

  1. To make the installation and start-up user-friendly for the Novice.
  2. To integrate the user interface into a single Monitor/Control program that manages the functionality previously contained in separate clients.
  3. To create a forward-looking design that can be readily expanded to incorporate new FahCores without the need to issue new client releases.
  4. To greatly improve previously problematic aspects including support for SMP, GPU, and the 3D viewer.


Click on the image below to be taken to the V7 Beta download page where you can download the latest Beta version. If you want to download the latest Public release, please visit this page instead.



  • Windows Installation Guide for the released version can be found here
  • Linux Installation Guide for the released version can be found here
  • OSX Installation Guide for the released version can be found here
  • Feedback for the latest Public Beta can be given  here
  • A list of tickets currently open can be viewed here
  • FAHControl is designed for Advanced Donors to tweak their contribution. Details can be found here
  • FAHViewer allows you to visualize the protein being folded. Details can be found here
  • FAHControl allows remote monitoring of FAHClient. Details of how to configure this can be viewed here
  • Experts may attempt to run only FAHClient. Details on how to do that are here
  • Third Party Developers can make use of the V7 API. Details of it can be viewed here
  • Some donors might be wondering what differences are between the flag and configuration of v6 and V7. Details can be viewed here
  • The new Folding Power Slider has been introduced in V7.3.X. Details of it can be found here
  • The GPU.txt file contains a list of supported and unsupported GPUs. Details of it can be found here

The Ticket System (Bug/Issue Reports)

Due to the limited developer resources, full access to the ticket system is only available to the Internal Testers. Everyone else can view the titles of accepted open tickets which are here. Unaccepted open tickets will not appear there.

Quality reports are critical to maintaining good software so if you want to report a bug, please first read the TicketSubmissionGuide. Do note that we want you to be actively involved in this process. If you have an issue to report please discuss the issue in the appropriate  Forum and a ticket will be opened for you if deemed valid.


Please send comments and suggestions regarding this site to joseph@….

Information About Trac

Below you will find information about using the Trac system and this Wiki.

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